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Your Home is our Canvas

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Your Home is Our Canvas

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"Your Home is Our Canvas!"
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Excellent Review!

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HM Harris wrote
I highly recommend Bates Painting Company. They painted our Dible Tudor last summer.
They also did some carpentry work for us and replaced rotten wood siding.
The price was reasonable, they are insured, EPA certified, clean, professional, and made sure to keep my neighbors happy.
Many times I observed the Bates painters cleaning up long roofing nails left over from a separate, local roofing company that we hired to replace the roof the week before.
While my roofers sucked and I’d never recommend them, it made me appreciate Bates even more because they went the extra mile even though it was so miserably hot outside.
They get bonus points from me for always asking when they had even a small question and explaining things to me every step of the way.
Communication, communication, communication!